About Stephen W. Anderson

Stephen W. Anderson was raised in Palos Verdes, California.  Growing up, basketball was his first love.  After high school, he attended Brigham Young University on a 4 year full ride basketball scholarship, playing behind Danny Ainge of Boston Celtics fame.  He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management.  From the time he was a young boy, all Steve ever wanted to do was to be a stockbroker, but he soon found that getting hired at the age of 20 with no sales experience in his background was virtually impossible.  Through relentless persistence, he finally convinced a manager of the local PaineWebber office to hire him. His second year in the business at the ripe old age of 21, he was already earning over $1 million a year in commissions, bringing on 2 – 3 new clients a day his first two years in business.  It was then he decided to return the favor by saying, Thank You PaineWebber in the bottom of the swimming pool.

Because of his phenomenal success he was asked to start speaking, sharing his expertise all over the United States and Canada some 220 days a year.  Over the last 25 years, he has delivered over 2,000 seminars spanning 32 years sharing his expertise in Sales, Personal Marketing and Business Development.  One of the most popular seminars he conducted was the “How to Be A Million Dollar Producer” seminar.  Each attendee received a seminar workbook, 4 hours of great personal marketing and business development ideas plus this FREE t-shirt.

He was featured in Registered Rep magazine in 1984 in an article called, Cold Call Cowboy, and again in 1995 in The Cowboy Rides Again, documenting his meteoric rise to Million Dollar Producer status.  It was then he was dubbed The Cold Call Cowboy.   As a result of his success, in 1985, he wrote a 60 page booklet, “How To Be A Million Dollar Producer,” and as they say, the rest is history.

Cold Call Cowboy Productions was launched.  As cold calling started to fade, the company changed to iMediaPro, and as we branched outside of the financial industry with clients in many industries, the name was changed to The Creative Juice in 2010.


Steve’s been called one of the brightest marketing minds in business today and has been featured in numerous publications through the years including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine, Registered Rep and Success Magazine just to name a few.

Today, Steve is the President, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of The Creative Juice, located in Rancho Mirage, CA.  His unofficial title is Creator of Shiny Packages (CSP).  As Anderson says, “I have the absolute best job on the planet, and I’ve been doing it for over 30 years.  I get to THINK for a living.  I see a need that’s not being met, brainstorm ideas in my head, articulate them on paper, bring them to life visually, marry them with amazing technology and wrap them in a beautiful shiny package, and best of all…I then get to sell my own creations.  Can you think of any better job in the world?”

He invented the Audio Business Card in the early 1980’s as a way to give him a competitive edge as a financial advisor.  As technology evolved, the Audio Business Card went from audio-cassette to audio cd to interactive multimedia CD ROM in 2000. The Multimedia Business Card was born.  With thousands of success stories, it’s an undisputed fact that the Audio and Multimedia Business Card have created more Million Dollar Producers than any other speaker, trainer, coach or consultant in the last 30 years.

EvolutionOfTechnology_Banne To date, the Multimedia Business Card has been created for over 27,000 professionals in several different industries, spanning several countries, and generating over $100 million in revenue in the process.

His latest state of the art, cutting edge, marketing system is the OnDemand Seminar.  It takes the traditional brick and mortar seminar and marries it with amazing technology to provide an OnDemand Seminar prospects can view 24 / 7 without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

After 30 years in the trenches, Steve is rolling out his first blog, The Top Five Percent: Where The Good Become Great and The Best Get Even Better, in November 2013.  As the name implies, The Top Five Percent is for anyone, in any walk of life, wanting to do, be and have more.  Ideally, it’s for business owners, entrepreneurs, salespeople in  any industry or those offering professional services.  Each week, I’ll be sharing with you the very best of what I’ve learned as I’ve “failed my way to success” in topics such as Personal Development, Sales & Marketing, Productivity, Technology, Wealth Creation and much more.  To sign up for this FREE blog, The Top Five Percent, CLICK HERE.

In December of 2013, Steve will be introducing his  Marketing Minute Podcast on iTunes.  And if he wasn’t busy enough, he’s writing his first book, Reinvent Your Life  – What to Do When Your Life’s Not Working to be released in October 1, 2014.  Reinvent Your Life is for anyone at any age that isn’t where they thought they’d be at this stage of their life.  Millions of hard working individuals wake up each day and realize their life is not working in some area.  For others, their life is not working in many areas, regardless of whether it’s their finances, health, career, or relationships.  Reinvent Your Life offers a game plan to follow to reinvent some or every area of your life in 365 days or less.  If you’re ready to go from making a living to designing a life, Reinvent Your Life is for you.  To be notified when Reinvent Your Life is available for Pre Order, CLICK HERE.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys golf, with his career best, 6 under par 66…including 7 birdies, 10 pars and 1 bogie.  He lives in Rancho Mirage, CA and hangs with the coolest bulldog on the planet, Moose.  Moose has his own office with the title…CEO, Chief Entertainment Officer – Canine Division.

As Stephen says, “All in all, life is good.  I haven’t done an honest day’s work in 30 years and I don’t intent to start anytime soon.  It’s not work if you love what you do.”