The Hidden Messages In Water

The Hidden Messages in Water is an eye-opening theory about water’s deep connection to people’s individual and collective consciousness. Drawing from his own discoveries, scientific researcher, healer, and popular lecturer Dr. Masaru Emoto describes the ability of water to absorb, hold, and even retransmit human feelings and emotions. Using high-speed photography, he found that crystals formed in ice reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward it.

Music, visual images, words written on paper, and photographs also have an impact on the crystal structure. Emoto theorizes that since water has the ability to receive a wide range of frequencies, it can also reflect the universe in this manner. He found that water from clear springs and water exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns, while polluted water and water exposed to negative thoughts forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. Emoto believes that since people are 70 percent water, and the earth’s surface is 70 percent water, we can heal our planet and ourselves by consciously expressing love and goodwill.

Water crystals

MY THOUGHTS:  I’m absolutely fascinated by the work of Masaru Emoto.  I listened to the audio book in my car, but to fully understand and appreciate the power of his message, one needs to see the images of ice crystals as a result of exposure to music, thoughts and words.  Absolutely amazing.  For those who think the words you say to yourself and others and the thoughts you have each and every day don’t affect your inner world, which affects your outer world, this will open your eyes.

How can one ice crystal be so beautiful simply from the words “love and gratitude”, while another ice crystal is ugly and disfigured from the words, “you make me sick and I will kill you”?

The reality is that we live in an energetic world.  As we make our way through our day we are influencing the world around us, just as the world around us is influencing us.  After viewing the video below, it makes one think twice about those we let into our world that can have influence upon us.

View this YouTube video below and see the difference for yourself:

Hidden messages quote